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[KHR doujinshi] Please examine me (Dino/Hibari)

Art and GIF by TéddiBe: http://teddibe.tumblr.com/


Title :: Please examine me
Circle :: Banyu
Fandom :: Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
Pairing :: Dino x Hibari
Scanner :: qinaideni
Translator :: mitsuboru
Proofreader :: ladyfrenchfries
Editor :: mitsuboru
QC :: caoxoanx
Warning :: Yaoi
Rating :: R-18
Language :: English

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insieme_scans ~ insieme per l'eternità ~

Insieme is a Italian word which means Together in English language, taken from the quote ~ insieme per l'eternità ~ (together for eternity), in reference to how Dino and Hibari are together both in their past (from the time of Alaude-san), present and future (TYL) selves...


About us ::

insieme_scans is a english scanlation group for Dino Cavallone/Hibari Kyouya (D18) & Cavallone Primo/Alaude doujinshi only.

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Please note that insieme_scans is a english scanlation group for Dino Cavallone/Hibari Kyouya (D18) & Cavallone Primo/Alaude doujinshi only, which means we only do D18 & Cavallone Primo/Alaude projects.

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